Authorized Repair For : Acoustic Research, Adcom, Cerwin Vega, Crest, Crown, Electro Voice, Funai, Harmon Kardon, Hitachi, Infinity, JBL Consumer, JBL Professional, JVC, Magnavox, McIntosh, Mitsubishi, NAD, Nuvision, Panasonic, Peavey, Pioneer, QSC, RoTel, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sylvania, Tascam, Teac, Toshiba

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Did you know your old speakers can be completely rebuilt?

Speaker rebuilding and re-foaming is often much less expensive than replacing old or blown speakers. Over time the foam surround on your speakers becomes fragile and breaks. This can be replaced with fresh foam at a very affordable rate which can save you hundreds over buying new speakers. Even if the speaker was overpowered and the voice coil is blown, in most cases we can rebuild the speaker for less than the cost of a replacement and have it sounding as good as new. Lakes Electronics has a special division known as Lakes Loudspeaker that specializes in speaker re-coning. We use factory parts when available and are able to rebuild and repair an even wider range of speakers with aftermarket parts. Don't throw your old speakers away. Bring them to Lakes Loudspeaker to get them repaired at a fraction of what it would cost to replace.

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